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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bone Examination

Bone Examination
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This is me at work at SWCA, examining an extremely large bone (identified as a humerus) for cut marks that would indicate butchering. I'm using a giant magnifying glass that has 3x and 6x magnification. By the way, I didn't find any cut marks on this particular bone. Photo taken by Tina.
Not much going on. Yesterday I actually got to do some writing at work, which was pretty exciting. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get everything done in the hours available, but what i did get done was pretty thorough. I spent some time now making it so that hours will be saved further down the line.
Today I examined bones under a magnifying glass all day. Most of the time, I was actually sitting on the floor, because that's where a lot of the bone is. The sand bins weigh between 40-70 pounds (depending on how full of sand they actually are) so I wasn't really feeling the need to move them around. I ended up using a photo flood light for extra illumination (and extra heat!)
BBQ tomorrow! Yay!

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