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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer of Blog! Day 1.

So I've been planning to call this the Summer of Blog and actully write a daily update every day this summer, just to get in the habit. Today is the summer solstice, so here we go.
The big dig in San Antonio was a mammoth task, to be sure. After 4 weeks of excavation, we were ultimately left with the same questions we started with. So we'll be sending off samples to the experts and doing a lot of fine-screening of collected matrix to see if anything will jump out. It was definitely a unique dig experience for me, one that I likely will never have again. It was also extremely challenging and a bit frustrating at times. When I'm finally cleared to talk about it in detail, I will.
The amount of rain this spring has been really crazy, but great for the yard and garden. Three of our tomato plants have 'maters on them (although I think they could use some sun soon to ripen), including both cherry and beefsteak varieties. The basil plants have gotten huge. Once the tomatoes have ripened, we'll be making some basil-tomato-mozzarella snack sandwiches! The zucchini seeds have all turned into large, tightly bundled plants, and the late-planted squashes have recently sprouted as well. The peppers got chewed up pretty badly by bugs. We did get one jalapeno and one serrano (sooo hot!) thus far.
Summer movies are going strong. All I've seen thus far are Grindhouse (which I loved but bombed) and Knocked Up. If you haven't seen Knocked Up yet, then go (especially if you live somewhere that has beer in the theaters) and laugh your ass off. Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen are an amazing team, and throw in Jason Segel and a bunch of other folks from Undeclared and Freaks and Geeks and Apatow projects and it's gold. Looking ahead, I'll be seeing Harry Potter and Transformers (low expectations) on the big screen for sure, and probably letting a lot of other stuff slide to DVD. I've been so spoiled by the Alamo Drafthouse that I can't really see movies at regular theaters anymore. But I'm pretty broke these days and we always spend a lot of money on food and drinks when we're there. I can't even spend the $20 to see De La Soul tonight.
So that's where things stand. I hope to have some photos to put up, and mix in some old memories and stories this summer to go with all the work and cheap fun stuff.

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