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Friday, June 29, 2007

stuy square park

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I was dealing with exhaustion issues, so I watched TV and went to bed semi-early.
Anyway, yesterday, June 28, was the anniversary of my last day of high school, back in 1989. Graduation was June 26, but we picked up our last report cards and our actual diplomas on the 28th. This year, last day was the 27th (click the link if you don't believe me). I guess it was one more chance to get a yearbook signed and see everyone. It is a late date, New York City schools started rather late in September and went through late June. I actually went to my freshman orientation for college 2 weeks before I graduated, and I was the only one there who was still in school (some had been out for almost a month).
A couple of months back, while visiting New Jersey for Tina's grandpa's funeral, I got to drop by my old high school building. It has since moved down to Battery Park City, where it served as a triage location in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks before being evacuated (click the link for more history). I was never sure if the old building still existed, but it was there alright, serving as a teaching center of some sort (according to the security guard who wouldn't let me past the lobby). I also got to visit Stuyvesant Square Park, where I spent many a lunch period, and skipped periods, and after schools during my time there. It's where I got my ticket for drinking in a public park (but not for MIP!). I smoked up there, drank there, played spades and hacky sack and threw frisbee there, bought hot dogs and pretzels there, saw someone get mugged there, made out more than once there...you get the point. I didn't love high school, but I didn't hate it, and Stuy Square Park was certainly a part of that.
So here, 18 years later, having been out of high school longer than it took me to get there, having lost touch with every one of my friends there years ago (there's 40 people from my graduating year on Myspace, but only one that I ever really talked to), is the picture:
stuy square park
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