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Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer of Blog! Day 2

So today I came back to the house around 1 (for a long, uninteresting reason) and there was a wood chipper parked in front of my house (and probably 7-8 more on the street as a whole). I knew the city was doing tree cutting around utility lines, but they were allegedly giving 2 weeks notice by posting on doors. So maybe ours got lost while we were in the field? I knew that we have a 5-foot easement in the back of our property for the power lines, so it wasn't a huge deal. But they did apparently destroy the last remaining vestiges of our compost pumpkins, and smashed out nice little wildflower patch (both of which, by the way, are out of the easement). Too bad that Time Warner or whoever is responsible for the cable lines out back didn't piggyback, because the people today only cut the trees around the power lines, leaving big ol' branches everywhere else. Also too bad that they didn't take the little pile of brush that's left over from the downed branch in the backyard and chuck it into the chipper.
At least the garden was untouched. I need to spread some diatomaceous earth back in there (and maybe spray some on the leaves) because the bugs are chewing on the zucchini stalks, and the pepper plants they had devoured are actually making a comeback. But the forecast is for more rain the next day or so, so probably won't happen until Sunday or next week. Looks like a weekend full of Neverwinter Nights and inside cleaning.
Where have all the good times gone?


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