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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lots accomplished

Today my father-in-law helped me (and when I say helped me I mean did almost everything) finally hang the screen door on our screened back porch. So now I just have to patch some of the holes in the screens and we'll be relatively bug-free back there. Tina and I also cleaned the house up really well, especially in a couple of rooms that had been pretty bad. I also mowed the lawn. So yeah, things are looking pretty nice around here.
Dan's photo show last night was quite fun. I was pleased to see that he had sold a number of pictures (and the in-laws bought one, too!). I was quite happy to see an old friend and her hubbie, who I hadn't seen in probably three years. The sad thing is, there's really no good reason except that life just gets busy and neither of us go out very much any more.
Eric and Joolie's new pad is awesome. Lots of space and a really nice deck. The floor was comfy for sleeping on, too! If only someone else lived south...
Think I'll have to take Thursday off so I can enjoy a big ol' July 4th party. Beef, beer and pyrotechnics!
Yeah, that's about it today.

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