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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's getting closer

Tomorrow we head to Houston in the afternoon so that we can start our two-day safety seminar and kick-off meeting for the big Oklahoma pipeline job (I'll be calling you, St. Murse) . They're putting us up in the Renaissance Hotel near the Galleria and feeding us breakfast and lunch. I think we might even have to get paid overtime for our drive back Friday afternoon. I'm definitely going to be one of the three crew chiefs, overseeing 3 people on my crew. I apparently have to take an online CPR class at some point in the next couple of weeks (paid, of course).
We may be leaving as soon as the 19th. I was told there's going to be a rotation of 2 weeks on, 1 week off to prevent burnout. Of course, this means one crew will work the first 4 weeks. That might also change if we somehow are unable to field enough crew members to have a 4th team.
So yeah, I'll be summering in Oklahoma, very soon. There might be a BBQ before I go.
Did a short survey today in San Antonio. I think it took longer to drive there and back than it did for the actual survey. In addition to the usual golf balls (I think I might have blogged about this before) I found a golf club today. So we gathered up a bunch of the golf balls and smacked a few of them off the top of the hill. I actually got a couple of pretty good shots, but I think the extent of my golfing career will be limited to mini golf and the occasional driving practice in the field with found golf balls (I kept the 4-iron)

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