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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is to mock a sin?

water moccasin
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If I told you how close we were to this snake without noticing, and for how long, you'd be freaked out (no more than 15 feet, for at least 5 minutes, and we actually had walked right past it). Tina was wearing snake boots and I had my snake guards on, but this snake was resting after eating something, maybe some eggs. Tina thought it was dead, so I poked at it with my shovel handle, and it didn't move. Then I tossed a piece of bark at it, and it twitched, so we knew it was alive. Then, suddenly, it turned 90 degrees and took off in the other direction. I always think that I could react in time if I noticed a snake coming at me (as opposed to being blindsided like the damn rattler), but that sucker was really fast and I think it would have been a close call.
The main highlights of this job have been shallow shovel tests, long hours (meaning overtime), seeing Tina again, and FRESH BLACKBERRIES! There are blackberry bushes all over the place in our survey areas, and they are big and ripe and delicious. Yesterday, my afternoon snack consisted of a bunch of blackberries. We're thinking about filling a plastic container or two the day before we leave so we can take them back to Austin and make cobbler.
Not finding a lot of time to work on the thesis (although I'm working on it right now while Tina watches some horrific chick flick on HBO) but i should have Chapter 2 finally finished by the end of the week.

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Anonymous Joolie said...

So did it stink? I guess not too much if you guys didn't notice it. I must know what water moccasins smell like!

7:11 PM  
Blogger jlowe said...

You know, as we were walking back, coming off the adrenaline rush, I asked Tina if she smelled anything and she said no. I didn't either. I'm convinced it was some Mississippi boys trying to have some fun with the Texas archaeologists.

8:24 PM  

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