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Sunday, April 06, 2008

No way! Digging?

I actually get to dig tomorrow and Tuesday. They're extending the golf course mitigation in San Antonio and I asked if I could go. I actually visited the site on Thursday, and found a point on the (stripped) surface within 5 minutes. Yep, still got it. I hear that I'll be working in the area where some Paleoindian points were found during the monitoring. That would be the oldest stuff I've worked on (besides the mammoth).
The thesis has not progressed the last few days. I sent a chapter to my main reader and have gotten no response yet. I just sent that chapter and the introduction to my second reader, hoping for some kind of feedback. I'm beginning to lose hope of graduating in the spring, but I'm planning on having my part done.
Looks like I might be spending the better part of two months in Oklahoma soon. More on that when I know better.


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