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Friday, April 18, 2008

Productive day

I was finally able to get a day off from work today. I finished my draft report and FedEx'd it off to the client before leaving on Thursday. It took all day to get it wrapped up, which was unfortunate because I was really hoping to only work a couple of hours. It also drained me, and the Screwdriver I had to calm down when I got home went straight to my head. So I didn't really get anything done Thursday night, even though Tina had gone out so I could be alone to write.
Today, however, was a good day. I only slept in until a little after 8, took a shower, ate some breakfast, and got to it. I took breaks to eat lunch, to wash some dishes, and to put away laundry that was left in the dryer overnight and make the bed. By the time Tina got home, a little after 5, I had written about 5 and a half pages! Those are all text, 1.5 spaces with the exception of the numerous single spaced block quotes.
I took a few hours after to hang out with Tina. I drank some beers and we ate dinner and watched the Thursday NBC shows that I taped and The L Word on DVD. I got back to work around 10:30, and finished up the half page. So 6 pages today, a little over 9 pages in Chapter 2 and notes on where to proceed.
Weekend looks full, though. My friend Carolyn called to invite Tina and I on a party boat tomorrow afternoon. Since drinking and sun will be involved, I'd say the odds of me working afterwards are slim. Sunday Tina and I will celebrate our 2-year anniversary a day early, as she's going out of town on Monday (the actual day). Brunch reservations at Chez Zee, then seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall at the Alamo Drafthouse.
Next week I'm at TxDOT and Tina is out of town (as mentioned above). I'd say the odds are terrific for finishing Chapter 2 and making a lot of headway on Chapter 4. It's not out of the realm of possibility that I actually finish it up next week. The deadline to get all my shit in for spring graduation is May 2, which would be cutting it extremely close, and I'm not getting any sort of hopes up for that.


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