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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chaos in Tejas part 2/3

I'm totally exhausted from my weekend. Not enough sleep, lots of time on my feet. I used to do 4 full days and nights of South by Southwest, but I was also a good deal younger.
Friday's show was pretty good. The Kids were great, and the crowd was way into them even though they're more "punk" than hardcore. The Persuaders were more garage, and most of the crowd was not into them at all (for good reason in my opinion), which just made the band play longer and taunt the crowd more.
Last night was a big one. Every band was really good (missed the first band and most of the second). Drop Dead amuses me because the singer looks and sounds like a total New Joisey mook, but he's from Providence and rants about smoking and meat eaters and politics, and has a really harsh sceramy voice. And then there's Gordon Solie Motherfuckers. Stacey warned me not to get too close, and they throw stuff at the crowd and apparently get into the wrestling gimmick. So I stayed about 3 rows back and off to the left, but to no avail. I managed to avoid the flour and most of the dropkicking stage divers (I did lose my glasses briefly) and the singer hitting people with the mic and a "wet floor" sign. But I got blindsided by one of the big plastic trash cans being thrown around. I saw spots and my ear was all hot and red, and if I hadn't been wearing earplugs I might have had my eardrum damaged. I moved another 10 feet away and stood near the bouncers. It was a great show regardless, and I'm definitely grateful for Stacey's warning (and the free beer from Mike Sanchez afterwards). Today, my ear has a small cut and is a little cauliflowered. I'm hardcore!!
Afterwards, I went over to Eric and Joolie's for some much needed friend time. Choo and Billy were there, and Dan and Stacey came. Ended up getting home sometime after 4.
Today we went to Sears to get a weed eater. The one downside of the push mower is that it doesn't do much to the tall, hard weedy stuff but knock it over. Not a huge deal, but we had 5 different people knock on the door this week and ask if we needed our lawn mowed. I mowed it 2 weeks ago! So now we have a semi-environmentally friendly addition to the yard routine, and hopefully people will stop knocking on our door.
Oddly, tomorrow will be spent clearing the brush on top of the sites with chainsaws and machetes. My work and my homelife are too similar lately.

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Part 2/3?

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