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Friday, May 18, 2007

Chaos in Tejas

Yeah, the hardcore festival is going on, and sometimes I think it might also be an apt description of my life lately. I've been bad about updating, mostly because there hasn't been a lot to say. We're trying to keep a garden alive, trying to keep a house moderately clean, haven't had much time with our friends at all lately (which is depressing). Work at the office has been very dull, but busy. If archaeologists are the "cowboys of science" then I'm the absentee landowner's representative's office manager's assistant. Yee hah!
The New Jersey trip was nice, in that Tini was there for the wake and funeral, we got to see my brother and his family, and I got to spend a few hours in New York City. I'll try and find some time to Flickr some photos this weekend. Spent more money that I probably should've, without a whole lot to show for it but a belly.
I really liked Bastard Sons of Apocalypse and Le Fraction last night, while the other bands ranged from pretty good to "eh". Tonight is the big Kids reunion show, so it should be crazy and a slightly different crowd.
Next week, I'll be working out of town in San Antonio for 3 weeks (well, back on weekends). I'm pretty sure I mentioned the project on here before, but we're supposed to be keeping it really quiet. It'll be a neat project, and could potentially be pretty huge. It'll also be hot and buggy, with a 60% chance of poison ivy.
I've been meaning to take some pictures of our garden/back yard. We've had more success with accidental plants, like the huge squash plants growing out of the compost pile, and the giant sunflowers by the shed. About half of the pepper plants have already died, and half of the tomatoes are looking pretty shaky as well. We're going to end up with a bunch of herbs and squashes, I think. Whenever we had the free time to work on getting plants in and a good soil foundation, the weather didn't cooperate. So we ended up rushing them into the ground literally just before leaving for New Jersey, and we missed the amazing rains in April that would've really given them a good base for getting rooted.
That's about it. See, you didn't miss much.

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