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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So busy

I've been working like 12 hours a day. Throw in showers and eating and just keeping up with basic day-to-day online stuff and phone calls, and it doesn't leave much time to get a good night's sleep. Especially if the tornado watch alarm goes off in the middle of the night again. Last night was actually the first time we've gotten any of the rain and storms that have been pounding Oklahoma, as they've been passing to the north or breaking up before they get here.
I've been walking somewhere between 4-6 miles a day. My legs and feet are a little sore, but only my left big toe has been suffering in the steel toed boots so far. They're actually rather comfortable and only feel heavy late in the afternoon.
We haven't found much yet. One small 1940s-50s trash dump in the middle of the woods, one recently abandoned 1930s house, and one area that may be the remains of a 1940s WPA workcamp. That one we're not sure of yet. Nothing prehistoric in the slightest.
Last weekend we stayed at the worst hotel I've ever spent the night in outside of Mexico. Some of the well-seasoned field techs who've been doing CRM work for years and years said it's the worst place they've ever seen. So if you somehow end up in Shawnee, Oklahoma, DO NOT stay at the Cinderella Inn. Keep driving, sleep in your car in a better part of town, or something.
I'll try and expound and get some more photos up tomorrow, as the Benadryl is starting to kick in.
Where in the hell am I? Stroud, Oklahoma. For 2 more weeks...

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