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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Writer's block

So yeah, I think I spent a good 2.5 hours or so in front of my computer, trying to make myself write something, then finding something important to distract myself with (like Google's awesome April Fools Joke, or Ric Flair's farewell speech and tribute), then staring again and trying to make something happen...so I finally gave up. I spent pretty much all day the last two days at work reading site forms and writing background reviews and project overviews, and I just can't spend another 5 hours tonight writing about archaeology, or even caring about archaeology.
Tomorrow I get to walk around in the woods in northwest San Antonio. Then, Thursday and Friday I get to go back to a different part of northwest San Antonio and walk around in woods (and pasture). I might even get to do some metal detecting. I think the fresh air will do me good.
I'm going to go to bed early and read Dracula until I fall asleep, and try this all again tomorrow.

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Blogger Spacebeer said...

We are both reading Dracula!

And now I shall raise my glass to the Nature Boy. *clink*

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Joolie said...

You can't beat it out of yourself every night. Not to be all rah-rah, but you're doing great.

9:28 PM  

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