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Friday, January 18, 2008

What a week

Very busy being a document manager (read: file clerk) at TxDOT. Lots of paper cuts and dry hands (from all the manila folders). Also good exercise as I was carrying 10 pounds of files to my desk, and then to the rolling file shelves at least 30 times a day. Not fun at all, though.
Today is just a rotten day. Grey, cold, windy. Perfect day for the bus home to be 15 minutes late!! And it was crowded, and there was a fat, smelly "special needs" person who kept staring at me and pointing at the Misfits patch on my bag. I need to blog about riding the #16 one of these days.
Then there was finding out that most, if not all, of my company's projects that were in a holding pattern at TxDOT won't be funded for at least 2 years. There goes most of what I was going to be working on for, oh, the next year or so. Or at least the interesting stuff (artifact analysis, writing).
I wish I had good things to say about archaeology right now. It just hasn't been fun for the last month or so.
Things I'm looking forward to:
The Packers game on Sunday.
Long weekend.
Going out to dig caves next week.
Being done with my thesis.
Tina bringing beer home from work.


Blogger Spacebeer said...

As an official Records Manager (and Archivist), I feel your file clerk pain. Except the archives part is actually pretty interesting, and I've grown to love some quality files. I still hate lifting 40 pound bankers boxes up over my head, though, and I've had paper cuts in places you wouldn't believe...

5:55 PM  
Blogger St. Murse said...

Done with thesis?! Whoo-hoo.

11:25 AM  
Blogger chewtastic said...

one thing i learned from eight years of shuffling state government paper is moisturize your hands constantly. it seriously cuts down on paper cuts. shameless plug on the aveda hand relief as well. also, try to never get a manila envelope or folder paper cut on your tongue or finger web. fuck me that hurts. it's extra wide.

9:57 PM  

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