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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I almost hit a deer

Well within the Austin city limits (well, I think Sunset Valley might technically be it's own municipality), but still. We were on Ernest Robles Way, behind the Kohls and heading towards Brodie Lane. There's still a little bit of open land there, and then the riparian zone along Williamson Creek, but it's mostly department stores and a huge subdivision. Certainly not a place where one would expect to have a deer dash out in front of you. Glad I was the only car on the road.
This is actually the second time I've almost hit a deer within the Austin metropolitan area. The first time was on Bee Caves Rd. in Westlake (on the way to Breed and Co) late on a Sunday morning. It was right after a blind curve and all of sudden 5-6 deer run down from a hill and cross a busy road. Amazingly, none of them got hit, and no cars collided.
In other news, TxDOT budgetary cutbacks are going to hurt archaeology companies in the state for the next couple of years. Our company Xmas party is tomorrow. Tini and I are leaving for Ohio on the 20th.

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