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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Check out my new ride

I got to drive this in the field today. It was awesome. We drove across creeks and down a really steep hill. We used it to get to the start of our line and then took turns leapfrogging and driving ahead, so we got a lot more done than we expected. We could also haul extra water and our shovels. I wish we could use one of these every time.
We also found a site!!! A real live archaeological site. As we were approaching the creek, there was a really nice cut by the two-track road and a perfect basin shaped, slab-lined hearth exposed in the cut (sort of like this, with much less rock). Tina also found a flake by her shovel test, and considering there's no good rock for knapping tools within a couple of miles of the spot, it was definitely brought there by people in the past.
I also got lost briefly when I had to try and survey an area not well marked, but that's neither here nor there.
I'll try and have some pictures up soon. The Glen Rose area is really pretty. Some day I hope to have some time to check out the dinosaur tracks.

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