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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hooray for nice days!

When I went outside to the breakfast area this morning, there was frost on the vehicles. I think it was 27 degrees. When we hit the site, the ground was hard and there was frost on the screens. But that's okay, because the cold was a result of the sky finally clearing up! The first 3 days of the dig were pretty miserable, grey and wet and kind of cold. I imagine it's what archaeology would be like in London, without all the Roman stuff. Anyway, the sun warmed things up pretty quick, such that most of us ended up taking off jackets, long sleeve shirts and long johns and digging in a t-shirt like it was August. We also moved a lot of dirt today.
I found a bird bone bead on Tuesday, in the backdirt from the backhoe. It's maybe the neatest, most unique thing I've found while working in Texas. Second place is probably the shell tool I found while monitoring the light pole installations in Corpus Christi. (Note: these are not photos of my finds, but similar artifacts)
Sometime this weekend, I'll talk about some cool stuff I learned about from our geomorphologist. In the meantime, if you haven't checked out the previously posted link to the McKinney Roughs site, take a few minutes. It's become a hot, controversial topic in the Texas archaeology community, from what I've heard.


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