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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fort Stockton thus far

It's very flat here. I've gotten used to Austin and the Hill Country. Or at least places with tall (over 2 stories) buildings. The only tall things around here are the mesas, which are mostly to the east of here, and even they are pretty flat on top. I feel like I can see for 2 miles in each direction from my second floor hotel room.
One of the grocery stores here is called Lowes. I haven't gone there yet. In El Paso, the grocery we went to had Lowes brand products (and grocery bags) but it wasn't called Lowes. I need to buy some Lowes brand chips or cookies or something to bring home. Tangentially, I'm glad I bought a bunch of food at Central Market before I left.
Our project area is about 20 minutes east of here on I-10 (where you can go 80 mph), then about another 20 minutes on gravel oil field roads (or 40 minutes on a combination of paved and gravel roads if it gets rainy). It's on top of a very big mesa (McKenzie Mesa, even though the project is inexplicably called the Sherbino Mesa Wind Farm). We're not very far from Squawteat Peak (no images on Google so you get a topo map), which was the location of a big TxDOT dig back in the 70s.
We recorded 2 sites during an abbreviated work day today. One of them had 2 projectile points, which is one more than we found the whole time in El Paso. We'll see if that ends up being the archaeological highlight of this trip.


Anonymous Joolie said...

I had to look up Squawteat Peak. According to this excellent excerpt, it used to be Squawtit Peak, straight up. Apparently the names of a lot of geographical features in the west had to be sanitized, for better or worse.

I always learn so much from this blog.

2:05 AM  
Blogger jlowe said...

I guess teat is more sanitary than tit. Of course, teat is usually only used in reference to animals.
If blogs could have blurbs on their back cover, I would use your ending sentence as my lead!

8:20 PM  

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