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Monday, December 11, 2006

Look, a December update!

I've slacked somewhat. It's not that interesting things haven't been going on, although I guess a big trip to Ikea and the outlet mall isn't really all that interesting. I will say the Converse outlet in Round Rock is pretty wack compared to the good ol' days of the Converse outlet on 183, but some of that is due to the higher price point since Nike took over.
I've been alternating between digging in Kimble County (in the beautiful Texas Hill Country) and working at offices in Austin (on the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country). The dig is pretty cool, as the dirt is easy to dig and screen and there's lots of goodies I'd The only drawback was that it was really cold last week, and I broke my glasses last Monday and had to hold them together with electric tape and had headaches the rest of the week. While in Junction we've been staying in cabins on the river, with no cell phone coverage, internet or television (although we do have a TV with a VCR and DVD player). It's pretty fun, much different from staying in the hotels.
On Wednesday, I'll be heading back out to West Texas, for a wind farm survey near Fort Stockton. It'll be an 8-day job of 10-hour days, which means 4 day weekends. It also means I miss the office Christmas party which is going to include a casino night! We'll be working on a big old mesa that's pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There's a good possibility of caves and rockshelters. Some previously recorded sites in the area had remnants of mats and sandals in them, which could be really cool. However, I'm not getting my hopes up too much, as I suspect that there's been a lot of collecting around there over the years.
So that's that. After I get back, it's basically Christmas, which means going to the Woodlands for the weekend and then coming home on Sunday night to wait for Santa. Hmm, maybe I should ask for an intact dry cave site as an early gift!


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