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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Storm '07

One of the local stations has been using that tagline for their broadcasts. Not to belittle what has been going on, but that sounds a lot more serious than it really has been. I have to give the city and TxDOT props for taking a lot of preventative action.
The funniest thing to me is that this winter storm ruined the big inaugural parade and festivities for ol' Rick Perry. Seems like hell would sooner freeze over than let Rick have a party.
On the work front, this storm has screwed us up pretty badly. Originally, a crew was to head out to Junction today to work a 9-day to finish up some stuff on the site there, before construction is scheduled to start at the end of the month. As of right now, we won't be going out until next Monday, because there's a couple of inches of snow on the ground and all the backhoes in the area are doing emergency road cleanup duty. There's also the question of whether we'll get paid weather days for missing yesterday (and the first half of today) or whether we're going to have to use some of our sick time.
My big concern at home is our Live Oak sapling, Jack, which was a wedding and housewarming present from Colleen and r1b. The freezing rain and ice have been weighing down the leaves and branches. I had him propped up with a board, but last night's ice was too much, and when we woke up this morning Jack was bent so badly that his top was touching the ground. So I jerry-rigged a way to keep him upright and we have our fingers crossed that the thaw will do the rest. He lost a lot of leaves, though, and that's a lot of stress on a young tree.
Here's a picture of the setup (click to enlarge):

This is some icicles inside our screened porch, in an area where the roof leaks:

And the front of our house, taken yesterday. These are much bigger now:


Blogger Colleen said...

Oh noes! Well, we can always get you a new one.

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Poor Jack! I hope he gets better.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh no! maybe you can get more tree-propping accoutrements from home despot?


5:49 PM  

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