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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some Fort Stockton photos

I copied the photos from the field camera onto my computer. There's a lot of projectile point photos. This one is a Pandale point, which dates to 2500-4000 BC and is one of the prevalent point types of the area. It is distinctive because it is beveled, which is a knapping method that makes things look like they're twisted. Imagine taking a flat, rectangular piece of metal, and turning one end slightly clockwise and the other slightly counter-clockwise. That's how a Pandale looks, particularly in cross-section.
The second photo is the fake Sqauwteat Peak.
The third photo is a scenic view from the top of McKenzie Mesa. In the background is Little Mesa (to the left) and Big Mesa (to the right). They can't all be off-color names!

Today was rainy and very cold. We also caught a flat on one of the trucks, and then another tire started getting low, so we left a little early. Thus, we need to finish up one more site tomorrow morning, then we drive back to Austin and a 5-day holiday weekend!


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