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Saturday, December 16, 2006

crazy times in Fort Stockton

Tonight, to make up for missing our company holiday party, we got to go out on our company's tab. Unfortunately, there's nothing really nice here, and the restaurants don't serve alcohol. So we went straight from the field to the grocery store to get beer (I got Pacifico, since I wasn't paying) and then to K-Bob's Steakhouse. I got a big steak, but it wasn't very good. Oh well, it was free. Afterwards, we went to our hotel rooms. That was that. It was 6:30. So I showered and drank a couple of beers while watching boxing on HBO, and now it's 10:00 and I'm getting ready to go to sleep because I'll be waking up for breakfast at 6:15.
When the project is done, I'll have a 5-day weekend, and 2 of those days will be paid holidays. Best of all, I'll already have 40 hours, so Friday's paid day is just a bonus (not overtime, but I'll take it!).
We've recorded 6 sites so far, with 4 more found but not recorded. We also have around a third of the project area left to survey. None of the sites have been super exciting, but they're excellent compared to El Paso. One of the sites yesterday had 20 projectile points, covering pretty much the entire span of Texas prehistory. No caves yet, and it looks like no chance of encountering any (since we're basically on top of the ridge, and they're on the side.
I tried to take a picture of Squawteat Peak today (because "teat" is so much nicer sounding than "tit") but I accidentally took a picture of another mesa that looks like a boob. Makes me wonder if there's an Indian Gap somewhere nearby...


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