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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Straightening up

Nothing makes for a clean house like having something important to work on (such as, say, writing a thesis). Add to that misplacing a library book, and you have a lot of newly cleared surfaces and a lot of piles from the floor put away in the proper place. It turns out that the library book was actually in my field backpack, in the trunk of my car. Which I also need to clean, but it's dark.
I really like my new record shelves from The Bookcase Store. Not only are they sharp, but they're very roomy. My old shelf wasn't big enough for all my records, so they were crammed in. This discourages listening to music. Now, it's very easy to flip through and find just what I'm in the mood for (although this Marvin Gaye semi-disco/slow jams album isn't really suited for being home alone).
So it looks like the Texas primaries are actually going to matter for the first time since I moved here in 1993. I've never voted in one, preferring to be available to sign a third-party petition. I may still do that this year, but I'm definitely weighing my options. I'm hoping to start talking to my friends and seeing what they think.
One thing that's pretty much a certainty is that I'll be voting for a major party candidate for President for the first time ever. Damn, I must be getting old.

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Anonymous JoolieB said...

What do you mean, the primaries matter?!? McCain's all but got this in the bag!

Is there much of a third-party effort this cycle? I haven't heard much, but I haven't looked for anything either.

9:15 PM  
Blogger chewtastic said...

i want to vote in the local primary races, but not this other shit. i am still undecided. ask the joo, she's usually well-informed.

10:20 AM  
Blogger jlowe said...

Romney hadn't pulled out when I blogged this, and McCain didn't run away with Super Tuesday like I had originally expected.
I know that the Greens have several people (including Cynthia McKinney) campaigning to get their nomination, but I'm not sure how much of an effort they're going to put in. Between the feeling that we need to end the Republican reign of terror and having to run against either the first female or black major party presidential candidate, I suspect the leftists will be laying back this cycle.

3:42 PM  

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