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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More nostalgia

I've been lax. Not a lot to talk about, really. Did the survey in Spring, didn't find a damn thing (it rhymes!). Spent a couple of days this week writing the report, and put finishing touches on an earlier survey report. So that's a couple of writing credits, including one with me as sole author. Had my fantasy football draft, got Vince Young, so I'm happy enough. Saw Superbad, which was totally hilarious and I'll definitely be buying it, but I liked Knocked Up a little better overall.
I just realized that I had a dream the other night about my best friend in high school, probably inspired by Superbad. We weren't really like that. We were definitely a smarter version of Bill and Ted, which came out our senior year, and we went to see it after school the day it opened and got free posters, which I lost long ago (along with my old Sid Vicious and Morrissey posters, and my 7 Seconds t-shirt...). I lost touch with him after our freshman year of college. He went to SUNY-Binghamton and joined a Chinese-American fraternity. I went to Juniata and got into radio. I've tried tracking him down using Google, looked on Myspace and Facebook, my high school alumni website, but no luck. If anyone knows a dude named Chris Yuen who is 35-36 and went to Stuyvesant High School in New York City (class of '89 holla!), tell him his old friend John wants to catch up.
Choo told me someone we used to know peripherally OD'd a while back. I met this girl at a garage rock show, or maybe a party back in '96, maybe early '97. Nothing beyond chit-chat, barely remembered her name. Sometime in early '97 I caught a ride to Houston with The Peechees to see them play at Sound Exchange and Mary Janes. I had no way of getting back, assumed I'd figure something out. I ran into Billy Bishop there, but he also had no way of getting back. Anyway, this girl was also there for the show with her friend, and having only met me the one time, gives both Billy and myself (both of us pretty drunk) a ride back. Even though I never brought it up to her again during the occassions that we would be at the same party or potluck, I never forgot that kindness. So I'm sharing that story with y'all.

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