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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today's fun

These are the kind of fun things you can encounter on the job. This is a "bridge" made of some I-beams, railroad ties, and random scraps of wood and metal to fill in the gaps. See, a lot of the railroad ties have rotted out (and a few more are rotting right now). It can handle an ATV. I guess a truck could bridge the gaps, if it had big tires.
I wish I had taken a picture of the ATV bogged down in a huge mud puddle. It didn't look that bad when we drove into it, but the tires got way stuck AND we high centered. Eventually, we dug out the front tires, lifted the front onto more solid ground and stuck shovels under them for extra traction. Then, we had two people pushing from the back, one guy pulling from the front, and me pushing from the side AND hitting the throttle. It was pretty funny when it finally got out and got away from me, thus driving off on it's own and almost sinking again. We all ended up caked in mud up to our knees, with extra splatters pretty much all over. Somehow, though, my feet stayed dry all day!


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