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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You down with ATV?

Today we hit a point where much of what we had left to look at were going to be very long walks with relatively low potential. So the lead archaeologist drove back to Houston office (where he is based) and picked up an ATV. Since we're not doing a 100% pedestrian survey, it was decided that we'd get a lot more done with a lot less pain if we rode to the drainages on an ATV.
So 4 of us piled on and rode off! Yep, all 4 of us on one little ATV, tooling along at 5-6 mph on little 2-track roads. I got to try driving it (but only by myself, no passengers!) and it was pretty fun. I guess I can see the appeal of off-roading. I definitely can see the appeal of taking an ATV to a dig location to save a 2-mile roundtrip in 110 degree heat index East Texas summertime.
We're going to try and get the project done this week (with some overtime, and the help of our new vehicle), but we'll probably get sent right back out here for another survey project. And we might even have another in the pipeline (yes, bad bad pun). I really hope I get to work in the Hill Country again soon, or even South Texas!


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