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Monday, August 20, 2007

Fun weekend

It all started when we had a work meeting at 3pm. With beer. I had 3, and grabbed another bottle to bring home. Went out at 8 to Rio Grande (lame place but it was for someone's birthday) and had a couple of the Saint Arnold's IPA (not great, not bad), then to Six (lame place, etc.). Paced myself pretty well since I knew I would be driving us home.
Saturday I went to the outlet mall in Round Rock with Dan so he could get some clothes for his high school reunion. It was no sales tax weekend, so I was expecting mayhem, but it wasn't bad at all. I scored myself 2 pairs of Vans for $30 total!! Later that evening Eric and Joolie had a BBQ, where I ate and drank in full-on glutton style. Beerfest was on in the background, so we tried to get some drinking games going briefly, and I chugged a couple of beers. I just can't shotgun a beer! Tini drove us home that night!
Sunday I went shopping with Tini (didn't buy anything for myself this time), and then we stopped by Austin's Pizza on South Lamar and had a basil and garlic pizza. I drank a pint of Firemans 4. Then home briefly, then I went to Sound on Sound for the final Storm the Tower show. Drank a few Lone Stars, plus Billy's orphans and scammed a slice of pizza too. Storm the Tower was great as always, even had Mark sing a song and Ben Snakepit did a Misfits cover to close it down. They were probably my favorite local band for a while, but I admit that I hadn't seen them much lately (nor did they really play much anymore).
This week looks like it may be a boring week in the TxDOT office. Yawn.

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