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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hey, a back yard blog!

Jack's acorns
Originally uploaded by texasrobo
The archaeology hasn't been very exciting lately, but I did take some photos a few days ago of some of the latest happenings in the wilds of our backyard. The highlight is that Jack the Live Oak finally grew some nuts! Yep, he's covered in acorns. We also have some marigolds and the fishhook cactus is blooming again. All the pictures are on my Flickr photostream.
The tomato plants keep on going. It's a race against bugs these days, and probably half of the ripe maters are ruined by the bugs before I get to them. Of course, when I do get to them I don't always use them in time, but the Sweet 100s have been very delicious on salads. The basil is flowering like crazy and covered in bees. The zucchini are totally dead, and the new zucchini and squash I planted haven't sprouted from what I can tell.
Going to Spring, Texas to survey for a couple of days. SInce that's next to The Woodlands, we'll be dropping by the in-laws for a birthday dinner tomorrow (Tina's mom) and going out with some of Tini's friends for dinner on Wednesday. Much better than East Texas!

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