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Thursday, August 16, 2007

This stock market nonsense

It sucks because my work has a 401k retirement plan, like most companies these days. I don't have much money in there yet, which is probably a good thing because the way things are going I could lose a good chunk of it. It seems stupid that I'm putting money into an "account" which really isn't because if the market goes belly-up then bye-bye "retirement savings". They always show you how much money you'll get when you retire, based on this high rate of return that requires more risky investing. I guess I could just put the money into bonds and keep it safe. For a while, the one socially responsible fund was performing well, and I felt that lazy liberal goodness by having a good bit of my money in there, but even it is down now. I hate that I even have to pay attention to it. On the other hand, it seems like it's going to take a major stock market downturn to finally get the media and the politicians to realize what the average working person has known for a couple of years now: no, the economy isn't going strong, and it's not getting any better.
Ultimately, it could be bad for my livelihood because it would likely mean that less pipelines and subdivisions will be built. Then again, it looks like maybe the federal government is going to pay attention to our crumbling infrastructure.
I feel truly morbid and ugly thinking about how disasters and financial collapses might help or hurt business. "Hey, massive bridge collapse! Looks like there's gonna be a bunch of new bridge replacements!"
Speaking of indirectly, spent a couple days surveying for some fancy new lakehouses on Lake Conroe. Some pretty land, maybe they'll even keep some of the big loblolly pines and elms. We even found a site! I haven't found a site on a survey in months, although this one wasn't impressive. Some lithic debitage mixed amongst a lot of siliceous gravels. Literally, 1 flake for every 70-100 pebbles. But it was a site, dammit! Sometime (or maybe several times) from 400-11,000 years ago, people sat there and banged some rocks together trying to make some tools, and in the year 2007, I found some of their trash on my screen! Hooray for 41MX215 (or something in that range)!!


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