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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Muggy and buggy

That describes this morning, except during the 2 downpours. I think I have 50 mosquito bits, and I found a tick on my side when I got home. The rain mostly served to wash the bug spray off, and I was kind of damp the rest of the day.
The only interesting thing I saw was watching a deer totally eat it trying to jump a fence. I think another crew startled it, and it was running to the fence when it noticed us and jumped early. It kind of bounced off the fence and did a half flip backward and landed on its back. We were stunned, and a little worried that it was going to be badly hurt and that we might have to do something about it. But it rolled over, got up and ran a little ways before finding a place to crawl under the fence.
One last notable thing: there is a red tide off of Padre Island right now. When I'm outside of the hotel (not in the field, but near the Gulf) my throat starts to itch and I feel like there's something caught in it. So I've pretty much been staying in my hotel room after work. Fun times...


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