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Monday, October 09, 2006


So last year at our office White Elephant Christmas party, I ended up with some MREs. I actually traded something for them (there were 4 total) and then I ended up trading 2 of those afterwards to get something for Tini. I figured they'd make good field food. I actually finally brought them in the field with me this week, to Corpus. I didn't think the hotel we're in would have a microwave or a fridge, but it actually does. Still, I decided I'd finally try one.
Man, are those things calorie-packed and rich. The slip inside says each MRE is 1200-1600 calories. That is a days worth of calories for me (or close). I mean, if I were hiking around the jungle or the desert with 50 lbs of gear, then it'd be good. As it was, I only ate the main course (Cajun beans and rice with sausage) and the candy bar (which was more like an energy bar, anf not a Hersheys bar like I expected). I still have the cheddar cheese pretzels, the pack of crackers and pack of cheese spread to go with, and the gatorade. That's almost 1,000 calories left over for the field tomorrow, when we do a long day with lots of walking. My tummy hurts because the food was so rich (and I did have 3 Lone Star tallboys, which the troop aren't getting but probably wish they were). The food wasn't too bad though.
In conclusion, MREs are good when you need tons of calories but not good for sitting around a hotel room watching TV. Tomorrow, if we get back early and the day wasn't too hard, I'm working out.

Where in the hell am I? In a hotel room on North Padre Island, surveying for 2 power plants in Corpus Christi.


Anonymous Dan said...

Ugh. Chad brought one of those home and we opened it up. It was disgusting. We couldn't even bring ourselves to taste it, the smell was so bad. I'm sure it was a different one from what you had.

6:44 AM  

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