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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh ye of little faith...

Driving to work today, I saw a bumper sticker that got me going. Being in Austin, you usually just get the Keep Austin Weird (or Reading, or Spayed) stickers. Sometimes you get a customized sticker made out of the Waterloo Records or Titty Bingo stickers. There are more "W: The President" stickers than one might expect (and those can get me going too, but I won't digress).

Today's sticker read:
If Mary had been Pro-Choice

There's the immediate reaction of "OMGZZZ WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE WITHOUT CHRISTMAS". Then there's the basic fallacy: Pro-Choice does not mean Forced Abortions for all Young Unwed Mothers-to-be, it means Pro-CHOICE!!!!! However, I think there's a subtle level of interpretation that would be very funny and ironic if it had been done intentionally. This sticker is essentially suggesting that, if Mary had been given the choice, she would have aborted Jesus. This is after she had been told by an Angel of God wasthat she was carrying the son of God who was being put on Earth to save mankind. If left to her own free will, her faith was so weak that she would have defied her God, who is omniscient and omnipresent and omnipotent, etc. But since God told her she couldn't, well, she had no choice but to be his divine vessel.
I have a tendency to overthink things, especially when I'm tired and stressed. It comes from being the son of a preacher and a teacher.
Next post will be pictures or something more fun!


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