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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stupid laptop

My laptop will not turn on. I tried to get it fixed yesterday, but the Apple store was too busy. Then I went and left it at Dan's. So I guess I'll get it fixed this weekend. I've not bothered to back up some of the stuff on there, and I use the auto-fill and password manager a lot too.
Archaeology for me is very non-glamourous right now. I feel like I'm back at my old job, staring at a screen all day, in a windowless cube, doing relatively mindless data entry. Every now and again, I get to read something interesting. Mostly, though, it's just clicking tabs and changing dropdowns and checking for mistakes. The only thing saving me right now are the breaks I take to read articles and reports in the extensive library that's behind my cube.
Project Runway this season has not been as interesting as the first two. There's only really one person I really like and hope does well, and a lot of people I'm indifferent towards. The person who annoyed me the most is off now. Most of my friends last night felt bad for Malan, but i think he's a total phony. He reminds me of someone from high school I couldn't stand.
On a different note, our offer on the house has been accepted, so come August 21 (assuming I get all the financing stuff finalized) Tina and I will be closing on our sweet new pad.


Anonymous Dan said...

I didn't realize your laptop was still at my house! Your cooler is as well. As for ProRun, keep in mind they're starting with 15 instead of the usual 12. It'll probably be easier to get to know people and find favorites once it's narrowed a bit.

9:04 AM  

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