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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Some photos from the field

Out in the middle of a cow pasture, we stumbled on a duck decoy. Or at least that's what we guessed it was. Maybe it was just somebody's weird lawn decoration. It was just weird enough to get a picture with.

This is the Carpernter's Bluff Bridge. It connects Oklahoma to Texas over the Red River, in the town of Carpenter's Bluff, Texas. The bridge was built in 1910 as a railroad bridge. That's the part I'm on, which is used by cars now. Off to the right is a wooden walkway that was used by people, horses, and buggies. It's closed now. The bridge itself is really cool. There's only one lane, so if a car is crossing from OK to TX, you have to wait until they're done before you can cross in the other direction. There's no lights or signs, just a little place to pull off and wait.
We crossed this bridge on Wednesday, and I asked if we could go by it on Thursday so I could read the historical marker and get a closer look at the bridge.

Where in the hell am I? Back in Austin, in my apartment, watching Men In Black. A bunch of us had a yard sale today. I made $40, Tina made $100, and we got a lot of our old kitchen stuff out of the house. My boss thinks I should be in Austin for a few weeks now, which gives us time to (hopefully) buy a house. I'm glad to be back.


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