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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sod off

Today we spent the majority of our day surveying a sod farm. Yes, it's where they grow the sod that people buy to make their lawns look nice. It was like walking across Hank Hill's lawn. We had to look for any bare patches, or dig in the wheel ruts left by the irrigation machines. I suppose it was a unique experience, but it seemed to me a waste of land (almost as bad as a golf course). But who am I to deny someone their livelihood? The fields smelled a little funny, since they were being watered straight from the Red River. There were also a lot of mosquitoes. We joked about seeding the fields with pot, which led to some pretty funny jokes and puns (like "the kind sod").
We went to lunch at a "restaurant" which was also the grocery for one of the tiny little towns that seem to litter far-south Oklahoma. It was a buffet, and I think that like 10% of the local population was eating there. The food was pretty good though. Handmade chicken-fried steak and bread pudding was worth the $6.50 to me, not withstanding the stares from the locals.


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