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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cinderella Man

I just got done watching Cinderella Man on the ol' Home Box office. Damned if that wasn't a great movie. I think it helped that I really couldn't remember the outcome of the final fight, and am a fan of the sweet science (boxing), but I suspect that it was just a great movie overall. It hit all the right buttons: underdog, class consciousness (and the Depression in general), cute kids. There are tons and tons of sports movies, and I'm a sucker for them. Especially the scrappy underdog ones, which I think is actually pretty much all of them. Cinderella Man had all of that, and was a true story, and was beautifully shot and very well acted. I even liked Renee Zellwegger!
It's funny that I like boxing, because I'm not a fighter. I've been in one "fight" in my life, in 8th grade. There were only 36 of us in my 8th grade, at a small private school in New York City. Of that there were 18 boys. I would say I ranked between 14th and 16th on the totem pole. Of course, I made fun of the guys below me (I was 13!) and one of them decided to start a fight with me. I think I threw the only punch, and it wasn't a knockout punch, but enough for him to back down. I've had a few chest-bumping incidents at shows since then, but that would be it. I suppose I just live vicariously.
In conclusion, I recommend Cinderella Man. Maybe it will make you cry, too. Big, manly tears.


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