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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Long week...

So it's Wednesday and I've already worked 38.5 hours. By the time I get home on Friday (around 9:30 pm or so) I'll be up to around 66 hours. The client expects us to work from 7-5 everyday, and the nearest hotels are 40 minutes away, so it's an 11.5 hour day.
The work has been pretty fun so far. Lots and lots of driving. The project area is in a remote part of a rather remote ranch in a somewhat remote part of Texas. We've been riding 4-wheelers to get to the site locations (a perk of doing biological work rather than archaeological work). Some areas have 3-4 foot tall Spartina plants, which are a serious hazard. If you try and ride on the side of them, you come close to tipping over. If you try and go over them, you can fly forward or just end up high-topped. When that happens, you basically have to lift the 4-wheeler until you get the tires in contact with something they can get traction on. I got stuck 5 or 6 times and almost got thrown at least that often. Still, it's pretty fun and another one of those things where I get paid to do things other people pay good money to do.
On the other hand, waking up at 5:45 am and going to bed by 9:30 doesn't leave a whole lot of time to do anything but eat, shower and sleep.


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