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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Nothing like 10 days in Paris...

except when it's Paris, Texas. The one nice thing I can say about Paris, Texas is that it has some good, cheap diners and a decent Turkish food place. They claim to have the second largest Eiffel Tower in the world, but Ken decided that was no longer true since they built one in Las Vegas. One strike against Paris, Texas is that it's in a dry county. There are bars, where I guess you get "sponsored" by a member, but I have yet to go to one. I have seen no less than 3 people who looked like Larry the Cable Guy's stunt double. I missed 3 people's birthdays this week, including my lovely wife. I celebrated by talking to her on the phone and going to sleep early.
After a stressful, short day today that involved a backhoe breaking after 2 of the 6 planned trenches, I decided that I would like some beer to go with the weekend of football. So I bought a 12-pack of Pabst at a store on the state line. I got back to the hotel room after lunch and cracked open a beer. One sip and I got an awful surprise: it's 3.2 beer. I should have known. If you've never had 3.2 beer, it's worse than light beer. Your favorite beer in the world would not taste good as a 3.2 beer. A cheap, acceptable beer such as PBR does not taste good as a 3.2 beer. After not having a beer for 4 days, I have 3.2 beer. I am not pleased, and I have 11 more left.
I might go hang out with Larry and Larry and Larry (why can't at least one or two people try and be like Ron White instead of goddamn Larry the Cable Guy) and watch the UT game and drink some real beer later.

Where in the hell am I? Paris, Texas...which is not bigger than France.


Anonymous Colleen said...

Sweetie, you need to start bringing whiskey.

Say happy birthday to the wifey! I had no idea because I'm lame.

7:39 PM  

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