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Monday, September 18, 2006

I love nieces to pieces!

I found out on Saturday that I have a new niece, Kayla! She was born the day before, which is also Tina's birthday, so now she gets to be the special aunt. I have not yet seen a picture, but knowing my sister-in-law it's only a matter of time. While cleaning out the inbox of my recently deleted email account, I must have downloaded 100 pictures of Bella. She is a cutie, and I'm sure Kayla will be the same. Here's a picture of Bella with her auntie and uncle:

I spent pretty much all day yesterday watching football, and watching my fantasy football team be completely humiliated. At least I've been doing well in the picks pool (won Week 1, will win Week 2 if Jacksonville wins).
It was a rainy sunday here. Today, we went out to finish the trenching we left on Saturday only to find that the road on the ranch was too muddy for the machinery. So we went and finished our surveying (with totally negative results). It was pretty today: sunny but breezy and dry. This was nice for surveying, and should also have helped the ground dry out for another try with the backhoe tomorrow.


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