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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Kinks said it best

Oh so, tired of waiting...
My professors are getting back into Austin this weekend, and next week I will finally receive my edits and comments, have my thesis defense, get my signatures and finish the thesis once and for all! This week has been sitting on pins and needles, feeling like there should be something I can do but knowing that there really is not, that it's completely out of my hands at the moment.
We had a handyman come in and fix the leak in the porch roof and replace some water-stained drywall. It was not cheap, but once I saw what the roof looked like from up top and how close the small leak was to becoming a big hole, I was glad. I'm just about out of sick hours, and have even been taking work home to try and make up some hours.
The field crews are going back to Oklahoma on Monday. Tina is going with them, and will likely be gone for three weeks. I wish I was going too, not just to be with her but because I actually miss being in the field with those guys. I miss the exercise, and I definitely miss the money. Writing about the Oklahoma survey (which is what I've been doing this week) is not nearly the same.
I've been able to spend some time hanging out with friends, basically just drinking beer and relaxing. I also caught The Dark Knight, which was indeed great. I think I'd like to see it again. I must admit that I was actually a little more blown away by The Watchmen trailer. I do have a bit of comic book fanboy in me.
Saturday I'm heading to Dallas with Tina, Dan and Staci to Ozzfest. We're getting in courtesy of The Sword and Metallica. Yeah, I'm on Metallica's guest list. I don't even know or care about most of the bands on the bill, but I'm excited to see Ozzy and Metallica finally and it'll be superfun people watching.
That's about it. I'm sure there'll be some updates next week as the ball starts rolling again and the clock counts down to zero hour.


Blogger St. Murse said...

You're not excited about seeing Goatwhore?! Also, isn't it a bit weird to have Apocalyptica play covers of Metallica songs (albeit on classical instruments) and then Metallica plays later on? I hope they coordinate their setlists.

Congrats on the thesis thing. Man, I'm so pleased that many friends have/are getting advanced degrees. Smarties every day!

6:12 AM  

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