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Friday, July 04, 2008

Time is flying

So I've been back from Oklahoma for about a week now. Worked 4 days in the office dealing with site forms and logistics for the Texas portion we're about to do. I was under the impression all week that I would be staying in Austin to do my stints at TxDOT. That was until around noon yesterday, when my boss managed to convince them to change my times there. So now I'm heading out to Beaumont on Monday to survey for 10 days. It's good money, but I've been in Beaumont in July before and it's pretty brutal. And that's WITHOUT steel toed boots and the brain broiler helmets.
I have enjoyed my time back. I've gotten to relax a lot, spend quality time with the kitty, hang out with friends, eat good food and drink a lot of Lone Star. We went and saw Wall-E on Wednesday, and it was a very good movie with a super cute main character. Then again, I'm a sucker for robots. Pixar has made some great, sly liberal agit-prop movies. Wall-E was a kinder, gentler Idiocracy.
Today I get to enjoy one of my favorite holidays, because it's time for Dan's BBQ! I think this is the 7th consecutive year. Meat will be grilled and much beer will be imbibed!
Tomorrow, if you're not already planning on it or involved in it, go to the Friendly Friends Fantasically Farraginous Fest at End of an Ear. I think I'm going swimming at someone's subdivision pool first.
Oh yeah, I saw a copperhead in Oklahoma! I imagine I'll need more than two hands to count all the water moccasins in East Texas, but that's for a future post.

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Blogger molly goatwax said...

hi honey. my mom was a contract archy, but in Washington, D.C., where it got interesting.

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