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Monday, July 14, 2008

I know, I know

But if YOU knew how busy I've been...
Like, for example, I'm now in Oklahoma.
I worked a 13 hour field day today, and am only taking a break from working on the office portion.
I didn't eat dinner because I didn't want to once again eat a big heavy meal at 9pm and turn into a big heavy me.
This project is just mayhem at this point. I get nervous when things go smoothly, because we're basically operating in near-crisis mode as the norm.
I get to be in TxDOT Thursday and Friday and it's going to feel like a working vacation.
And I fear that I'll be right back out on Sunday.
My bank account is happy, my tummy is sad, our kitty probably hates us, I'm happy because I'm doing a really good job at my first big test, I'm worried because this schedule doesn't leave much time for a thesis or a thesis defense, and I miss my friends and my city.
Sorry, break is over.

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