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I work out of town a lot as a contract archaeologist. Sometimes it's interesting. It can be quite funny, although probably only to other archys. Home is Austin, with my wife and our cute kitty and all of our crazy friends.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No fun

So yeah, some real archaeology (as in something like what you would see on TV) is going on now in San Antonio. Tina is there. I'm not. I'm filing like a mofo at TxDOT again. I thought I might want to be around to take care of some business on campus, but it turns out my prof is out of town this week. Oh well, Kit Kat is happy, and I do get more writing done when I'm at home and Tina is out of town. Unfortunately, I'm far enough behind that I can't justify going to see The Dirtbombs tomorrow. I'm hoping to stay up late tonight and stay home tomorrow so that maybe, just maybe, I'll get enough done to sneak out and rock out. Oh, the places I will go once I finally get this monkey off my back!


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