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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

slow times

sometimes i feel like i should do placeholder posts, just so people will still check from time to time. this is one.
the most exciting thing lately has been my one year wedding anniversary. we bought some garden stuff, ate at fino (which is yummy and can be done for a somewhat reasonable price) then went to club deville to have a drink or 4 with karen for her birthday (where i saw dan and choo for what seemed like the first time in forever).
we have a bunch of plants, and started on digging for a garden, but the weather has not cooperated. and this week is about to get very busy, as the Society for American Archaeology meetings are about to start here in Austin. 4 days of presentations and networking, and Colleen is going to be in town.
Work has been very slow, mostly just sitting in TxDOT reading reports. Fieldwork is supposed to pick up next week, which is good because I'm ready to get some exercise. I need to watch less TV, but of course it's now sweeps and so the shows I do like to watch are new and have important things happening.
Sigh. My initiative has been slack of late.


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