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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I walk the line again

Well, sort of. So far I've done some backhoe trenching and some access roads. It's not like the early days in Oklahoma, but somehow it still has been leading to 11 hour days including the post-field work. It seems like there's twice as many forms now, although it's really just that crew chiefs are now doing some of the paperwork that the field director was doing for us before.
Yesterday, I got to be an official Competent Person for the trench excavations, even though I haven't gotten my certificate yet (and I'm really excited about it). I used the tensometer and rated the soils and everything. It really isn't all that exciting. Mostly, as I may have said elsewhere, we've lost our plausible deniability because we know all of the safety issues and standards involved in open excavations.
I haven't seen any Caddo stuff yet, although we're in the Caddo area of Texas. In fact, there's been no cultural materials for my crew so far. Just a lot of walking and driving, and paperwork. Tomorrow will be more of the same, across three counties.
On the other hand, I'm almost in to overtime already, and it beats being in the office! Plus, the hotel room has an LCD TV and lots of cable.

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