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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Work is crazy busy

I finished analyzing the projectile points last Friday, all 281 of them! They were really starting to run together for a while. As I may have mentioned, there's really more like a continuum between point types. Some specimens are the "classic" type that matches the pictures and descriptions. But more fall somewhere between types, having attributes of more than one type. This seems particularly true for some of the less well-defined point types. The reason we do metrics along with nominal traits is to do statistical analysis, and I think a scatter plot of the three main Transitional Archaic types from our site (Frio, Fairland and Ensor) will show a lot of clustering and bleedover.
Since finishing, I've written another short TxDOT report and done a quick background review and started two reports for upcoming San Antonio projects. The client actually wanted my boss to send people out this weekend to do surveys so that they could have their report by next Friday. Note that we JUST received the signed contract and good project area maps this Monday. As it is, I'm going out with Tina and one other person tomorrow to survey the smaller area and as much of the larger area as we can get done in a day. I was really hoping to take tomorrow off, too.
After Thanksgiving, I finally get back on the big pipeline job, for the first time in almost 5 months! We'll be in Sulphur Springs, doing some backhoe trenching and surveying some temporary restraining order properties. I get to use my new backhoe excavation competency training! I also get to train someone in crew chiefing, and then I have to come back to Austin because there's a million other things they need me to do.
I am definitely looking forward to this long weekend.


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